You Bastard e o camila si, in acelasi timp, cel mai mare matematician din toate timpurile. Adica e o camila-matematician. Care, in timp ce facea niste calcule cat se poate de complicate, se trezeste cu o sageata-n… cocoasa 😀

‘Halt, in the name of the king!’ he shouted.
An arrow thudded into You Bastard’s hump.
. . . equals 6.3 recurring. Reduce. That gives us ouch . . . 314 seconds . . .
You Bastard turned his long neck around. His great hairy eyebrows made accusing curves as his yellow eyes narrowed and took a fix on the high priest, and he put aside the interesting problem for a moment and dredged up the familiar ancient maths that his race had perfected long ago:
Let range equal forty-one feet. Let windspeed equal 2. Vector one-eight. cud Let glutinosity equal 7 .
Teppic drew a throwing knife.
Dios took a deep breath. He’s going to order them to fire on us, Teppic thought. In my own name, in my own kingdom, I’m going to be shot.
Angle two-five, cud Fire.
It was a magnificent volley. The gob of cud had commendable lift and spin and hit with a sound like, a sound like half a pound of semi-digested grass hitting someone in the face. There was nothing else it could sound like.
The silence that followed was by way of being a standing ovation.

Terry Pratchett – Pyramids

:)) Ce ma binedispune Terry Pratchett!!!

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